Split Every Data Row


I’m trying to Split Excel data into two different sheets. Data of excel can change due to which i can’t specify the row count at Split Every Data Row of Microsoft Excel Writer. Row count is dynamic.

So, How to achieve this scenario please do let me know.

Thanks in advance.

You can split a single Excel file using the Excel Writer plugin step.
Excel Writer step, in Files & Sheet Tab, give row value to which you want to split the excel file, in the Split every …data rows input parameter.
For example
If the Excel Input file has 10 rows and the value given in Split every …data row is 5, it will divide the file into two files
a] 1 - 5 rows
b] 5 - 10 rows.
According to the division, 2 Output files will be created.
Attached is the workflow for your reference.
Input excel -
SplitRows.xlsx (8.3 KB)
Workflow -
WF_SplitExcel_Into_MultipleFiles.psw (6.8 KB)

Hello KalyaniW,

Thanks for the response. But the row count to split is dynamic at my end. I want to know what to pass runtime value to split every data row tab.

Hi mayur,
Did u received any solution on this