Page is recycling when detect Selenium control

Have an interesting case and wanted to check if someone has been able to solve.
We are automating through webpages and one site has a constant recycling to its login page when it detects it is controlled by Selenium platform, in other words, when using SPY or GUI control.
I am not experienced with Selenium, are there any instructions through Javascript injection to stop this kind of behavior? There must be something that detects Selenium control and disable it.

How would a Software Assurance system be able to test this kind of system?

Appreciate your ideas.

By the way. Found this JS in the code that is available in GitHub: ’ disable-devtool-auto src=“” url=“logout/console?p=1” interval=“1000”

Seems it is recycling to the logout web page every second.

Interesting - Any idea @AE_Support