Passing Runtime Parameter for Mail

How to pass runtime parameter for Destination address, Sender name, Sender address and Password while performing Mail operation?

Hi Habibur,

You can declare a runtime parameter as shown below in workflow or process.

To use these runtime parameters in steps, you need to press the Ctrl+Space key and select the parameter from the list.

Hi Rakesh, I am able to pass runtime parameter for Mail for the below scenario :

But when passing runtime parameter for below scenario the mail is not sent :

(Here Mail is in the mail.psw)

Hi Habibur,

Could you please share your workflow?

Hi Rakesh, please refer the attached project.
Assignment2_parameter.psp is working and mailTest.psp is not working.
Workflow& (7.6 KB)

Please use valid email id and password.
Thanks for your time.