Preserving currency format while temporarily converting the currency values into numbers

Hello, I am currently practicing the filtering of data in AE.

I currently have a csv file, and, in this file, I have a column named CurrentMoney.

Now this column contains data in a currency format like $123,456.78, $120.00, $0.80 and so on.

Now I do want to filter out and extract all user info wherein those who have greater than $100.00 will be moved to another newly created csv file.

So, it’s basically in a query it’s like SELECT * FROM tbl_users WHERE CurrentMoney > 100.00;

I am currently having difficulties with the validation of the data, since I want to preserve the currency format as well while performing the statement.

Well, I do understand the logic behind it. However, since I am still new, I do not know which plugin will help me to achieve this.



You can try with the filter row plugin to achieve your scenario.

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Please see the image attached above. I have tried using Filter row, and as you can see the Cash Column says it is number. I have tried as well in the Excel itself and tried to sum of two cells and it showed the result however in AE it still says unable to convert string to number.

I would appreciate if someone could help.