Process Studio Registration

Error in Process Studio: Duplicate Registration - Process Studio is already registered with user, username. While opening Process Studio, I am getting this message, after clicking OK it closes the process studio. I am using Trail license, Thank you

Have you used the same credentials for login on another instance before this?

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Yes, it was working fine till yesterday, but now i am getting this error.

If you are using same machine as yesterday’s then it can’t get this error.

For more details please refer Process_Studio_Getting_Started_Guide.

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What we have done is deregister in AET server, next day login again and it is up and running.
If you reinstall PS, you should deregister first.

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Thank you. For this issue first we need to deregister process studio in AE Server and wait for one day, next day login again, process studio will works normally.

If you have additional licenses available, create a temporary user and assign license to that user so you may continue to develop/test your workflow while the system cleans the registration process at 12:01IST

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Hi Sr.

Already I have this problem every time that I need to shutdown the machine at night and then turn on again next day. What do you think is the problem.

In our server the problem doesn´t exist because the machine never is turned off but I´m working in my local device due to covid things.

thank you in advance.

Delete the .process-studio folder
Remove the license from the process studio tab on AET.
Check next morning by reassigning license.