I am having problem with process studio... I am using process studio earlier on another system right now i changed my system... After downloading process studio in new system it shows my name that you already have registered... What can i do please help

Process studio problem

Hig Girjesh. Login the server, go to the PS tab and unassign the license from your username. After midnight IST, you can then login the PS again.

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Hi @Girjesh_Jha

  • Take a backup of .regconf file from process-studio/conf folder

  • Paste this file outside the process-studio directory

  • Remove .regconf file from process-studio/conf folder and start the process-studio application

  • Configure the new URL and click on connect. It will throw an error “process-studio is already registered with this user”

  • Then put the old .regconf file into process-studio/conf directory and check.

After following the above steps, this issue will resolve.

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Also, the PS and AE server version should be in sync else, it throws an out of sync error.

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