SAP Connection using SAP Steps


How can I connect to a SAP Environment using the SAP Activites and how can I perform some commands in the SAP environment using AE?

Has anyone done it already?

Hi Fernando. I am starting to study AET with SAP. As your request is from 2018, suppose you have solved this request.
Can you help me and provide some hints on where to start, what is needed to enable this integration?
In SAP they have several possibilities to do the integration, being Java, .NET, NetWeaver, etc. Have been able to work with an these mechanism? Although what we need is rather simple, what are the best mechanism to work with and performance wise?
Thanks for any support you can help me with.

@wllmdjngh Basically if you want to use the SAP Login Plugin you need the official support SAP version 740 Final Release | Version 7400.1.0.1093 and its sub-version 740 Final Release | Version 7400.3.8.1123.

If that is not possible, you might use AutoIT to login and then VBScript to interact with elements in SAP.
Inside SAP you use the SAP Macro Recorder to generate the .vbs code that you will use in the Workflow.

Also please check to create the System Variables to it as the image below, after this it should work.

Thank you. That sounds very easy.
You have been of great help.