Sequential Workflows

While Publishing workflows, I do not see any option for marking a workflow as sequential while it is appropriately checked/unchecked as sequential on AutomationEdge UI. Please suggest?

From R7.0.0, for administrative ease, workflows that need to be executed sequentially are now automatically marked as Sequential at the time of creation or editing, hence eliminating complications arising from running sequential workflows in parallel by mistake.
During Publish, Process Studio marks workflows with the following steps as sequential.

  • Robot Handling step
  • Capture Screenshot step
  • Desktop steps
  • GUI Automation Windows steps
  • Surface Automation steps
  • AS400
  • Auto IT
    Mainly UI workflows are marked as sequential workflows. The non-UI workflows can run in parallel. For sequential workflows the Enable Sequential Execution checkbox is automatically checked on the AutomationEdge UI workflow edit page. The workflow can be considered auto-sequential otherwise, uncheck it.
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