URL and Username Disabled for Process Studio!👇


Unable to Enter Username and URL while login to Process Studio❗

Diabled URL


  1. Deregister Process Studio from AutomationEdge Server :

    • Login to AutomationEdge Server.

    • Go to Process Studio tab

    • Delete the Assigned User, by clicking on Delete icon.

    • Refer below image:

  2. Again, assign process studio licence by clicking on “Assign License” button, to the user.

  3. Before executing process studio, please delete the .process studio folder from Process
    studio directory.

  4. Restart Process studio & login with the assigned user’s credentials.

Note: If this solution not worked, then before step no. 2, create a new user and proceed with next steps for newly created user.

Enjoy the automation with ☞ **AutomationEdge!!**
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