Web Table Data Entry. Is there a way to enter data in a Web Table (multiple rows)?

Use Case : Invoice Entry.

Input Data is in a CSV file with Invoice Header Row and Multiple Invoice Line Rows.
In the Web Application, Invoice Header is a Web Form and the Invoice Lines is a Web Table. Requirement is to Read the CSV file, Enter the Invoice Header and Enter the Invoice Lines and save the Invoice.
Invoice Header Data Entry is possible. I cannot find a way to enter multiple invoice lines (there is Web Loop Table to read data, is there something similar to write data).
Any direction/guidance is greatly appreciated.

Hi Ifurts,

You can use output file step in between “Web loop table” and “continue loop” step. Refer attached image.
So, this will write rows one by one in an output file.

Hi Priyanka, Thanks for the quick response. I have used Web Loop Table to read/capture data. But my use case is to write data to the Web Table. I need to enter invoice lines on the Invoice Entry form. The Invoice Lines is a Web Table (html table) wherein data has to be entered.

Hi Ifurts,

It would be great if you can you share the website name with us, we can try it out at our end first and then give you the solution.


I cannot share the site with you but I have attached the screenshot to give you an idea.
The screen is similar to the Web Loop Table workflow in “Process_Studio_Getting_Started_Guide.pdf”. In there it’s a Read. My case is a Write.
Thanks again.

Hi Ifurts,

I am afraid to tell you this that we do not have any direct step available to write the data in table format on webpage.
You can use “Web set value” step in a loop identifying the XPath pattern and create that dynamic XPath in “Modified Java Script value step”.

Hi Priyanka,

Please can you give me a example of constructing the Dynamic XPath. I’ll try incrementing the TableRow values like TR[1]…TR[n]
Thanks very much

Hi Ifurts,

Sure. Please find below screenshot of creating dynamic XPath in “Modified Java Script Value” step:

Thanks Priyanka.