Workflow Priority

I have scheduled daily workflow requests execution. However, some requests are more important than others. Is there some way to set priority for my daily workflows requests?

Yes! AutomationEdge offers a workflow Priority feature. Workflow requests can be prioritized. Priority can be set on workflows so that workflow requests are executed according to the priority.
You can set Workflow priority from AE UI when a workflow is in Edit mode. The field for priority supports three priorities Low, Default and High. Once the priority is set, all the requests submitted after that will run with the specified priority. Once the request is submitted, its priority cannot be changed.
High priority workflow requests will be processed before low and default priority requests. Default priority requests will be processed before low priority requests. Among the requests with the same priority; requests will be processed in a First In First Out manner.
To enable this feature, some configuration changes are required in the ActiveMQ configuration. Make the following changes in activemq.xml present in ActiveMQ’s conf folder.
Add prioritizedMessages=true property for policyEntry queue=>tag


ActiveMQ and server needs to be restarted after this change.