Workflow Priority Management setups

I have set up Priority in the Workflow configuration UI. Please suggest if any backend setting is required on ActiveMQ?

Priority Management feature is used to prioritize workflow requests. Priority can be set on workflows so that workflow requests are executed according to the priority.

To enable this feature in Workflow configuration UI, some configuration changes are be required in ActiveMQ configuration. To enable priority following changes need to be done in activemq.xml present in activemq’s conf folder.

Add prioritizedMessages=“true” property for policyEntry queue=">" tag

Add the following to activemq.xml for the above two properties

< destinationPolicy>
< policyMap>
< policyEntries>
< policyEntry topic=">" >

< !-- The constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy is used to prevent slow topic consumers to block producers and affect other consumers by limiting the number of messages that are retained for more information, see:
– >
< pendingMessageLimitStrategy>
< constantPendingMessageLimitStrategy limit=“1000”/>
< /pendingMessageLimitStrategy>
< /policyEntry>
< policyEntry queue=">"prioritizedMessages=”true” producerFlowControl=“true” memoryLimit=“500mb” maxPageSize=“1000”/>
< /policyEntries>
< /policyMap>
< /destinationPolicy>

Activemq and AutomationEdge Server needs to be restarted after this change