AutomationEdge - Cherwell Integration


Please could you provide details of AutomationEdge - Cherwell Integration.

AutomationEdge, the leading Integrated Automation Platform for IT & Business Process Automation, has deep connectors that seamlessly integrate with Cherwell to provide digital experience. Integrate your existing service requests or use our bundled service request definitions in a few minutes using our wizard. The integration available on the mApp Exchange extends Cherwell’s capabilities to front office, middle office, back office and IT operations. AutomationEdge provides 400+ ready Bots for IT and business operations automation to reduce TAT, errors and increase productivity.

You can integrate Cherwell with AutomationEdge CogniBot and the HyperAutomation platform.

AutomationEdge also has ready connectors for Cherwell. AE Bots can use these connectors to create records in Cherwell. CogniBot invokes AE Bots to insert or make changes to Cherwell records.

The Cherwell connector can perform operations on Cherwell instance applications. The ready actions for the Cherwell connector include the following.

  • Delete Record
    The Delete Record ready action is used to delete records in Cherwell Business Objects (Forms) (For example close an incident if it is resolved or to keep a ticket open if not resolved yet).

  • Download Attachment
    The Download Attachment ready action downloads attachments from Cherwell Business Objects (Forms) on a provided Business Object Rec ID or Public ID.

  • Input
    The input ready action gets Cherwell records based on the form name and query criteria provided.

  • Insert Record
    The Insert record ready action creates a record in a particular Cherwell Business Object (Form). It creates a new record within the provided form name and field values, on a specified Cherwell instance.

  • Update Record
    The Update Record ready action updates Cherwell Business Objects (Forms).

  • Upload Attachment
    The Upload Attachment ready action uploads a file to a Cherwell Business Object using the Public ID/RecID.

AutomationEdge supplies a prebuilt AI Studio project for CogniBot conversations and a workflow accelerator framework for Cherwell for quick deployment to automate Cherwell requests fulfilment.

Some common service requests include,

  • Employee On-boarding and Off-boarding: Creation/deletion of Domain User and Email box, add/modify distribution list etc.
  • Access management: Access to a shared folder, printers, database, software like HRMS, SVN, Salesforce etc.
  • Incident Resolution: Server restart, service restart, disk clean-up, password reset, unlock user account.
  • Periodic backup of the database server, file server etc.
  • Remedial actions for the events received from event monitoring tools.