AutomationEdge - ServiceNow Integration


Please could you provide details of AutomationEdge - ServiceNow Integration.

You can integrate ServiceNow with AutomationEdge CogniBot and the HyperAutomation platform.

AutomationEdge has an Automation Integration app on ServiceNow Store for users. ServiceNow users can download it for free to automate processes. AutomationEdge helps automate IT and Non-IT tickets in ServiceNow to reduce TAT and manual errors. The App has easy configurations for the connections and the AE workflow metadata. It fulfils requests in ServiceNow in real-time.

AutomationEdge also has ready connectors for ServiceNow, AE Bots can use these connectors to create records in ServiceNow. CogniBot invokes AE Bots to insert or make changes to ServiceNow records.

Service now connector can perform operations on ServiceNow forms such as Incident, Request, Problem, Change etc. The ready actions for the ServiceNow connector include,

 *   Delete Record

The Delete Record ready action deletes a record in a selected application in ServiceNow (e.g., Incident, Request, Problem, Change etc.). Users can delete a record from the selected Application based on user permissions.

  • Download Attachments
    The Download Attachment ready action downloads all attachments associated with a ServiceNow application record.
 *   Input

Service Now: Input ready action fetches chosen fields for all ServiceNow records matching criteria query.

 *   Insert Record

The Insert Record ready action inserts a record in a ServiceNow application (e.g., Incident, Request, Problem, Change etc.).

 *   Service Now: Update Record

The Update Record ready action updates a record in a ServiceNow application (e.g., Incident, Request, Problem, Change etc.).

 *   Service Now: Upload Attachment

The Upload Attachment ready action uploads a file to a Service Now record.

AutomationEdge supplies a prebuilt AI Studio project for CogniBot conversations and a workflow accelerator framework for ServiceNow for quick deployment to automate ServiceNow requests fulfilment.