Integrating AutomationEdge’s Conversational AI (Cognibot) with ITSM Service Desk tools


What are the advantages of integrating AutomationEdge’s Conversational AI (Cognibot) with ITSM Service Desk tools?

I will discuss the advantages of integrating AutomationEdge’s Conversational AI (Cognibot) with ITSM tools in the three sections below.

  • Advantages of integrating ITSM with AE CogniBot:
    AutomationEdge offers AI Studio to compose conversation dialogs. AutomationEdge delivers a prebuilt AI Studio project with conversations to manage IT Service Desk tickets. The project also connects to an NLU engine.

  • Chat conversations are user friendly. Users can start conversations and choose from a list of prebuilt conversations to manage tickets and fulfil requests.

  • The requestor does not have to log into the Service Desk to create a request.

  • The requestor can type the service catalogue name, and the chat displays a card to fill in a form.

  • The user fills in the form and submits it to create the service request automatically. CogniBot displays the response in the chat and sends an email to the requestor.

  • Approver and fetch pending approvals approve the request from chat by clicking on Approve button.

  • Approval triggers HyperAutomation AE Bots for the request fulfilment.

  • Advantages of integrating ITSM with AE HyperAutomation:
    AE HyperAutomation Bots can fulfil common and complex requests.

  • AutomationEdge is an IT Process and Service Desk Automation tool. AutomationEdge has a rich library of connectors to ITSM and IT systems. ServiceNow can directly integrate target systems through these connectors (AE Bots). These connectors offer a single record level or multiple records operations such as query etc. AE provides the Advanced REST Client AE Bot to connect to target system exposed APIs. The prebuilt connectors are also helpful for migrating data between ServiceNow and other ITSM, IT, and business systems.

  • In cases where AE Bots or APIs are not available, AE can fulfil requests on target systems with the AE RPA technologies for GUI or Desktop automation

  • AutomationEdge has prebuilt Machine Learning and AI bots for predictions and Intent Entity classifications.

  • AutomationEdge has prebuilt AE Bots for several databases, extraction, transformation and loading activities, and Big Data Connectors.

  • AE is a No Code/Low Code platform with its prebuilt connectors, AI Studio project with prebuilt conversations, and easy to configure CogniBot to automate Service Desk ticket fulfilment.

  • Quick Deployment with AutomationEdge Accelerators:

  • AutomationEdge provides a quick deployment solution for ITSM Service Desk tools with Accelerators.

AutomationEdge provides CogniBot with prebuilt conversations and the AE Bot accelerator framework to jump-start your automation journey, even for complex service desk tickets. Accelerators minimize design and development time. The framework of accelerators takes care of all the commonly used tasks. The design and development time is limited to the custom business processes.