AutomationEdge Conversational AI - Prebuilt Service Desk Automations for End User and Service Desk Agents


I have heard about AutomationEdge accelerator framework for prebuilt automation solutions for Service Desks.

Please could you provide information on some prebuilt automation solutions.


This section discusses the working of some prebuilt automation solutions. AutomationEdge offers flexibility to choose automation for a combination of integrations like,

  • AutomationEdge Conversational AI (CogniBot ) - Service Desk - Fulfilment

  • AutomationEdge Conversational AI (CogniBot ) - Fulfilment

  • Service Desk - Fulfilment

This section discusses the end-to-end automation from AutomationEdge CogniBot → ServiceNow → fulfilment. I have categorized the Automations in the following four categories depending on target user or functionality.

 *   Ticket Management facility for End Users & Agents

 *   Ticket Management facility for Agents

 *   Email Intercept for Agents

 *   Push Notifications

 *   Target System Integrations

In this post we will discuss the pre-built automations for end users and Agents. You can start a conversation with your virtual assistant, i.e., CogniBot, with a greeting to list the available prebuilt conversations, or directly start with your request.

Ticket Management facility for End Users & Agents:

  • View Requests

Service Now users can query for their tickets in the comfort of the AE CogniBot chat without browsing through any complex catalogs. Navigate through the tickets in a horizontal carousel.

  • List Tickets

ServiceNow users can query on AE CogniBot chat to view tickets at a glance without logging in to ServiceNow and browsing through the catalog.

  • Ticket Details by ticket number

Get ticket details for a single ticket by ticket number without navigating through the catalog and applying any filter criteria.

  • Create Ticket

Create a ticket hassle free, without having to fill complex forms, with the AE CogniBot.

  • My Pending Approvals to approve a Request

A manager can view the list of pending approvals, browse to select a ticket and approve it from AE CogniBot chat. The manager can approve without the hassles of logging in to ServiceNow and navigating to the right page. In some cases, the Approve action additionally triggers the AE Bot for the request fulfilment. AE CogniBot eliminates the complexity with a low TAT.

  • Knowledge Management

Simply type the subject name of any knowledge article present in ServiceNow (e.g. Email Issue). CogniBot fetches the Knowledge Article from ServiceNow.

Ticket Management facility for Agents:

  • My Tickets to modify and update Tickets

An Agent can query his assigned tickets by status and browse tickets in a carousel. The Agent can select a ticket to view the ticket and prediction details. The Agent can choose options to Update the ticket, view Activity Notes and view Similar tickets. All the actions are in real-time with responses in the AE CogniBot chat.

Email Intercept for Agents:

Many end users are used to sending a request or reporting an issue over email. AutomationEdge offers the email intercept solution for Agents.

  • My email to approve & create a Ticket

Many end users are used to sending a request or reporting an issue over email. AutomationEdge offers the email intercept solution for Agents.

An Agent can list his Pending Emails on the AE CogniBot chat window. The Agent can browse through and approve an email for ticket creation. The AE CogniBot predicts the subcategory, maps the category and assignment group from a database table and sets default impact and urgency to create the ticket. The char displays the ticket and prediction details for the Agent to make any manual corrections. The Agent can then submit to create the ticket in ServiceNow.

Thank you María for the explanation.
How can we have access to those WFs and Dialogs?

Hi! Willem,

Please contact your sales representative or support team for the Cognibot package.