AutomationEdge Conversational AI - Prebuilt Service Desk Automations


I have heard about AutomationEdge accelerator framework for prebuilt automation solutions for Service Desks. You have discussed about some prebuilt automation solutions for End Users and Agents in the post - AutomationEdge Conversational AI - Prebuilt Service Desk Automations for End User and Service Desk Agents - #2 by Maria_Garcia

Please could you provide information on some other prebuilt automation solutions.


This section discusses the working of some prebuilt automation solutions. AutomationEdge offers flexibility to choose automation for a combination of integrations like,

  • AutomationEdge Conversational AI (CogniBot ) - Service Desk - Fulfilment

  • AutomationEdge Conversational AI (CogniBot ) - Fulfilment

  • Service Desk - Fulfilment

This section discusses the end-to-end automation from AutomationEdge CogniBot → ServiceNow → fulfilment. I have categorized the Automations in the following four categories depending on target user or functionality.

 *   Ticket Management facility for End Users & Agents

 *   Ticket Management facility for Agents

 *   Email Intercept for Agents

 *   Push Notifications

 *   Target System Integrations

In this post we will discuss the pre-built automations for ePush Notifications and Target System Integrations. You can start a conversation with your virtual assistant, i.e., CogniBot, with a greeting to list the available prebuilt conversations, or directly start with your request.

Push Notifications:

AE Bots can push notifications to the CogniBot with continuous reminders as per the schedule

  • Pending Approvals

Pending Approvals applies to ServiceNow Agents

The Pending Approvals solution applies to managers.

Several service requests require approval for fulfilment. Approvals can be a bottleneck due to delays or a complete miss.

AutomationEdge addresses the issue with the Push Notification feature. It continuously reminds managers of pending approvals as per the AE Bot schedule. Thus, hoping the manager will approve his request at the earliest.

  • Password Expiry

Password Expiry applies to ServiceNow Agents and Users

Password Expiry applies to all users. Users generally procrastinate password reset, leading to last-minute hiccups upon expiry.

An AE Bot runs as per schedule to check for the user’s password expiry dates and sends a notification on the chat client ten days before expiry and then continuously until expiry, hoping the users reset the password at the earliest.

Target System Integrations:

This section discusses some of the pre-built automations with target systems.

  • Account Unlock

A common IT service request such as account unlock can be a frustrating experience with the manual Service Desk. It could take up to 72 hours to complete service requests.

Integrating ServiceNow with AutomationEdge automates the account unlock process with real-time response.

AutomationEdge makes the process so natural. A user can chat with the AE CogniBot for account unlock. The rest is taken care of in the backend by the integration app or AE Bots.

  • Add User to DL

Adding a user to a distribution list could be a long process involving approvals.

AutomationEdge CogniBot has a prebuilt conversation to create a ticket to Add a User to DL. It also has a prebuilt conversation to get pending approvals and approval in the chat for Approvers. There is a feature to Push Notifications to managers for pending approvals as per schedule. The approval triggers an AE Bot to fulfil the request.

  • Conference room Booking

Any delays in Conference Room Booking can lead to last-minute hiccups. Any misunderstanding of amenities can add to a showdown.

Users can easily chat with the AE CogniBot with the prebuilt conversation for conference room booking to create a service request in the Service Desk. The new request triggers an AE Bot to fulfil the request in real-time.

  • Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding is a tedious and time consuming which involves assigning roles/responsibilities/creating user access etc.

A seamless employee onboarding makes the employee happy and satisfied over the long run. The employee starts work at the earliest, thus improving overall productivity.

The task is to automate the employee onboarding process by Integrating ServiceNow with the Human Resource app. AE can automatically login to HRMS assign roles etc.; create account in AD and other systems as well as assign required IT assets. AE Bots are the conduit between the AE CongiBot, the Service Desk and the target systems.

The new users can talk to the AE CogniBot in a natural language and pick from the prebuilt conversations. Complete the conversation dialogs to create an Employee onboarding request in the Service Desk. The AutomationEdge integration app or the AE Bots automatically fulfil new requests in the Service Desk.

The employee onboarding process automation reduces the processing time by up to 90% making the new employees productive from day 1, giving them a pleasant experience.

  • Password Reset

Users generally do not keep track of the password expiry dates and fumble to reset passwords under pressure.

AutomationEdge has the push notification feature to send messages to the user on the CogniBot chat window warning about the password expiry date some days before expiry. It flashes the message periodically as per schedule until the expiry date.

Users can take a cue of this and respond by following the password reset process in the CogniBot chat window.

  • Share folder access

Get access to a Share folder access instantly, thanks to the ServiceNow-AE Integration.

Chat with the AE CogniBot to request a Share folder access and provide the details. Receive the response on the chat instantly.