Can not properly activate click on window (Desktop Spy)

I`m trying to create a window click step to click on “Log in” button

But I guess I can not do much with this parameters… any sugestions?

Ok I figured it out… I could use the step Robot Handling to solve this issue… I didn`t know it would also work on windows apps.

After going throught some more steps I still find an issue when trying to use clicking functions… so if someone still has an answer for my first question, I`ll be glad to hear it.

Hi Acano,

Requesting you to share more details about your application which you are trying to automate.
Kindly let us know,what error you are facing when you are using desktop spy.
You can reach our support team.Drop a mail to
Someone from our customer service team will review it and respond shortly.

Well, since desktop spy can’t read properly aplications like this one, I had to code some auto click functions on AutoIT to be able to click on some elements… I would suggest a mouse coordinate indicator on desktop spy.