Disturbance because of unwanted advertisements while running workflows

Hi Team,
I am facing error while running workflow on process studio , because of unwanted advertisements in the middle of process my workflow does not working properly.
please help me as early as possible.

Thank you,
Chetan Taru.

@AE Knights Please help to resolve this query.

Hi Chetan. It has been some time you requested information. Advertisements are always a burden.
If you use standard GUI Spy to manage the fields, this kind of advertisements should not generate any issue to manage the form. There could be issue if the advertisement covers the form but then you should manage exceptions and get rid of the advertisement, if present, before continuing with the process.
Hope this helps.

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It doesn’t have an exact formula, each form/site needs to be analyzed to try to automate it, in cases of AD I usually remove it via inject javascript