Error while publishing Workflow


I started using Automation Edge recently and when I try to publish the workflow I produced, it shows this error.

Can anybody help me?

Hi @borba.guilherme,
Sorry we could not get back to you earlier. Can you please tell us what are you seeing in the logs? You can find logs in \Logs. Log files are generated for each day so you may need to send the specific day logs.

Hi @hemanshu.rukadikar ,

As you commented, the log file of my last upload attempt is attached.
process-studio_2022-11-03.log (40.6 KB)

Hi @borba.guilherme ,
It is a permission control issue. If you see the log file shared by you, specifically from line 299,

2022-11-03 16:55:53 main ERROR ProcessStudioException:54 - Unable to fetch workflow categories.
2022-11-03 16:55:53 main ERROR ProcessStudio:13667 - user does not have publish permissions on any workflow category
2022-11-03 16:55:53 main ERROR ProcessStudio:13670 - Unable to publish workflow: {} 
Unable to fetch workflow categories.

What is your AE role? Looks like you are not a tenant admin and your tenant admin has not given you permissions on any category. If you are using cloud instance, can you please tell me which instance are you using? If you are using OnPrem installation, can you tell me which version are you using?

Hi @hemanshu.rukadikar ,

Actually my user is not the admin tenant, it is the user tenant. Should i ask them to change my role to tenant admin? Or just give me permission for the workflow category?

Hi @borba.guilherme,
Just ask them to give you Write permission to that category where you want to publish the workflow. Permissions are given from Workflows > Workflow Categories > Users Icon. Do let me know in case you need any help.

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