Error :Invalid Process Studio Distribution

Hi @phani,

Welcome to AE community. Can you please help me with following details:

  1. Are you using Cloud or OnPrem version?
  2. If OnPrem, what is the version of your AE and what is the version of your Process Studio?

Its OnPerm, Process Studio Version 6.0.0 and AE ( UI Version 6.0.0)

Please check the following things:

  1. Your user has access to PS (You are allowed to use PS)
  2. You have not renamed or moved the folder after the first login of PS

Also, let me know what message do you get after you click on OK

hi @phani,
Has your problem been resolved?

yes, I have moved the folder(PS folder) that’s why it’s showing error.
After i replace the folder it’s working fine

Thank you.

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