Error parsing restvalidation.json(AE version

1.If you look in the error file, there are some other errors regarding this:

2020-03-11 15:44:00 http-nio-8080-exec-2 ERROR RESTInputValidator:56 - Error parsing restvalidation.json
com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.JsonMappingException: Unexpected character (’"’ (code 34)): was expecting comma to separate Object entries

This indicates that “restvalidation.json” has invalid JSON and application is not able to parse it.
Path: TOMCAT/webapps/aeengine/WEB-INF/classes/restvalidation.json


Copy all the contents of this file and put it in some JSON Validator/Formator. It should give you an idea about what is wrong in the JSON.

Correct it and put it in the file again and save. Try updating workflow without restarting Tomcat Service.
If error still persists, then you may need to restart the Tomcat Service.