IP Whitelisting

What is IP Whitelisting?

Hi Mrunalini,
Agents IP whitelisting allow Agents only from a certain set of IP Address to talk to AE Server.This feature is available at Tenant level.
Validations are done at 3 different level as below:

  1. During Agent Registration: The Source IP Address is verified on Agent registration. If IP whitelisting is specified for the Tenant, AE Server verifies the
    Source IP Addresses against this list. If the verification fails, Agent registration fails.
    2.During Agent Start up: The Source IP Address is verified on Agent Start up. If the Agent Source IP Address validation fails against the Agent IP Whitelisting list, then start-up fails.
    3.The Source IP is also validated per day for the first call.

IP Whitelisting option is available under Agent tab.
There are three Options for whiteListing:

  1. IP Address
  2. Range of IP Address
    3.CIDR Notations.