Server URL changing Agent restart

Hi Team,

i have changed my Server Url and now i need to run the agent again with new server url… while start the agent its throwing error. any body have solution for this.

@AE_Support @aesupport

“Agent with host details DEV-AGENT, Administrator and Administrator@DEV-AGENT has already been registered
at com.automationedge.aeagent.util.AEServerUtil.registerAgent( ~[aeagent-7.0.0.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.util.AEServerUtil.doRegister( ~[aeagent-7.0.0.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.AgentMain.registerAgent( [aeagent-7.0.0.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.AgentMain.main( [aeagent-7.0.0.jar:?]
The value of EXIT_CODE is 1”

Hello @Arun9047

As mentioned in the error, it seems that the agent has been registered already.

Please try to delete the entry on portal, (if any)

Also download a new agent for new registration.