"Agent is not working"


“Agent is not working”

“Error Registering AGENT”

“com.automationedge.aeutil.exception.DuplicateAgentException: Agent with host has already been


Step 1 : Login to the AE server and check if there any agent registered from the same machine(Check
Step 2 : If you found the agent, then delete the agent from AEUI and try to start the new agent.
Step 3 : If still you are facing the same issue then login to the DB of that same server.
Step 4 : Goto Vae database and view the “ae_agent_details” table.
Step 5 : Delete the agent entry of that machine from this table and run the new agent. It will resolve the               issue.

Note : Don’t try the steps from 3 to 5 on the PROD/UAT environment.

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