Error Registering AGENT

Hi, for the update i had to add some libs .jar to the agent and when i tried to startup obtained this error:
Error Registering AGENT,
com.automationedge.aeutil.exception.DuplicateAgentException: Agent with host details *********, acanoa and acanoa@********VW6K01 has already been registered.
at com.automationedge.aeagent.util.AEServerUtil.registerAgent( ~[aeagent-6.1.1.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.util.AEServerUtil.doRegister( ~[aeagent-6.1.1.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.AgentMain.registerAgent( [aeagent-6.1.1.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.AgentMain.main( [aeagent-6.1.1.jar:?]


  1. It seems there is already an agent registered from this same machine to the T3 server

  2. Please check, is there any agent previously get registered from this machine, and the entry of this agent still present in the T3 server.

  3. You need to login to the T3 server from the same credentials from which this agent has registered and then go to the agent tab and delete the agent entry for this machine.

  4. Once you delete the entry from the server, you can start the new agent on this machine.