Agent has stopped ,not working


I have already installed an Agent on a machine - A. I downloaded an Agent on a second machine - B. I am getting an error while registering an Agent. The log file shows the following error.

Registering AGENT

2023-06-16 16:37:19 IST (+05:30) main INFO AgentDetailsUtils:102 - This agent was not configured for predefined workflows

2023-06-16 16:37:21 IST (+05:30) main ERROR AgentMain:147 - Error Registering AGENT, shutting down
com.automationedge.aeagent.exceptions.AgentRegistrationFailed: Agent Registration Failed
at com.automationedge.aeagent.util.AEServerUtil.registerAgent( ~[aeagent-7.5.1.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.util.AEServerUtil.doRegister( ~[aeagent-7.5.1.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.AgentMain.registerAgent( [aeagent-7.5.1.jar:?]
at com.automationedge.aeagent.AgentMain.main( [aeagent-7.5.1.jar:?]

To resolve this issue please delete the Agent folder from machine A as well as server, downloaded the new Agent, and install an Agent on machine B.