Issue while connecting to MySql Database!


AE Version 5.5.0

Error occured while connecting to MySql Database.



  1. Go to official MySQL Downloads:

  2. Select Operating System as ‘Platform Independent’

  3. Download the zip file.

  4. If you have Oracle web account then ok, Otherwise Click on “No thanks, just start my download.” & extract it.

  5. Now you will have a file with a name like ‘ mysql-connector-java-5.1.49.jar’

  6. Close Process Studio if running.

  7. Copy this jar file and paste it into <ProcessStudio-RootFolder>\lib. (For example, D:\process-studio-5.5.0\lib)

  8. Optionally, if you want to run this via an agent, paste this jar in <ae-agent-RootFolder>\lib_ext. (For example, D:\AE_Agent\ae-agent\lib_ext)

  9. In case your Agent and/or PS were running while you pasted the file, it is recommended to restart the same.

Enjoy the automation with ☞ AutomationEdge!!!

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