Tally Software automate

Hi team,

I need to automation process in Tally Software. How can we achive that… i need assistance.
Kindly replay asap @AE_Support. in youtube also there is no other related videos. in automation edge.

@Arun9047 if you could provide some sort of access to this Tally Software maybe we could help you out.

hi team,

I have another one issue in this morning… my chrome has updated and i have installed the older version which is mentioned in the chrome.info. but in server my requests are not executing its showing “new”
and the agent name also not showing…

can you help me… @AE_Support @rosni.automationedg @fbaldin


Can you check if any process currently in execution stuck? Can you raise a ticket to AE support for this?

Please go for Agent Tab in the portal and check the Agent status, see if it is running state.
It seems your agent maybe in unknown state. or some workflow execution freezes de queue.