"Updating latest jar for the Plugin on the server"


“How to upgrade the Plugin jar”

“Updating latest jar for the Plugin on the server”


For On-premises:

  • Go to the AutomationEdge Portal.
  • Login to the System Administrator(Sysadmin).
  • Go to Plugins section.
  • Search for the specific plugin which you want to upgrade(ex: Web-GUI, DesktopPlugins,etc)
  • Click on the Edit button for that specific plugin.
  • Select the latest jar file and click on update.

After this, the Agent Status changes to “Updating”. Once Agent Status changes to “Running”.

  • Go to the ‘psplugins’ folder and check for that specific plugin folder, the updated jar should present in that folder.
  • If it contains old jar also check the name and delete the old one.

Finally, Open the Process Studio

  • Go to the Tools section.
  • Choose option Sync Plugins.

Now, you are able to use your upgraded plugin.

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