What is the correct way to iterate through a json list?


I have as output from a python script a list of dictionaries formatted as json.
In each dictionary I have personal information like name and email.
I would like to turn each item in that list into a row, so that the email step is executed for each item separately.
I thought of using JavaScript for that. I can display an alert for each item on this list, but how do I send each item separately to the output?
Is there any other way to do this?

The workflow:

Python Script:

import json

dict_list = [
        "name": "Jon Doe",
        "email": "jon_doe@test.com"
        "name": "Jane Doe",
        "email": "jane_doe@test.com"

dict_list = json.dumps(dict_list)

Java Script:

var parsedInput = JSON.parse(dict_list);

parsedInput.forEach(function(item) {



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Please go through the following video

It explains how to use JSON input step. Use “Source is from a previous step” and pass the JSON String. If you configure JSON input step properly, you will get “Name” and “Email” as two fields to work on.


Thanks Sachin, it worked like a charm!

I do not see link to any video here. Think you can re-post one please.
I have a similar requirement as OP, just that input JSON array has no fixed size and I want to calculate the size of array & then fetch the values at each indexes one by one, while iterating within a loop.

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Hi! Sudhanshu,

Here is a video URL showcasing the Json Input step -

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