Enable Email notification

How to configure SMTP for the tenant to enable Email notification?

Akshay please note down below Steps to configure SMTP

SMTP server is specific to the tenant for which it is configured.

Follow the below Steps

  1. Go to Settings menu and SMTP sub-menu.

  2. Click Add SMTP button.

  3. A Form will appear, enter the seetings
    a. SMTP Host : provide the Host Name or IP Address of LDAP Server.
    b. Port : Provide Port No. For eg for gmail STMP server it is 465
    c. Is authentication required : Enable this Checkbox to use Authentication to connect to SMTP server
    d. UserName : provide username
    e. Password : Provide Password
    f. Encryption Type : Choose from None SSL ot TLs
    g. Sender Name : it is a personal name which will appear as From Name in Email. This is an Optional Field

4.Then Click Test Connection. Test Connection Successful Message appears. Email message is received on Successful „Test Connection‟.

  1. Click Save. SMTP Settings Saved Successfully message appears.