Incompatible WEB GUI version


I am getting an error of Incompatible WEB GUI version

Please suggest the resolution.


Tor resolve this issue;

  • It seems the plugins(Web-Gui) using which you have designed the workflow is not matching with the AE server(Web-Gui) plugins.

  • Please check the Web-GUI version present in the process-studio/psplugins/web-gui folder and the aeagent/psplugins/web-gui folder. Both the Web-Gui plugins should get matched.

  • To get rid of this error, you need to update the server Web-Gui plugins with the process-studio Web-Gui plugins.

  • To update the plugins, please login with your sysadmin credentials on the AE portal, go to the Plugins tab and search for Web-Gui plugins.

  • Now edit the Web-Gui plugins and upload the process-studio Web-Gui plugins on server

  • After successful updation, try to upload the workflow again and check.