Mail Merge Step! Easy Way to Create Multiple Documents Using TemplatešŸ“ƒ

How to use Mail Merge step??


  1. Mail merge plugin step creates multiple documents in bulk at once based on a template as a reference.

  2. These documents have identical layout, formatting, text, and graphics. The template has tags
    which are replaced in each document. Hence, the documents vary and are personalized.

How this Step works:

  1. Mail Merge step requires one .docx template file as input (Ex. D:\Mail Merge\demo.docx)

  2. Click on Get Fields, Field Names are get filled automatically from your Docx file.

  3. After that select respective Field Values from the previous step/ you can hardcode it.

  4. Provide a path to Destination Directory, where you have to save the output file.

  5. After this, select Destination File Name i.e, your output filename.

Attached is sample workflow and template for reference:

WF_Mail Merge.psw (14.9 KB)
demo.docx (11.8 KB)

Note: The workflow is only for sample purpose, you can modify and implement as per requirement.

Enjoy the automation with ā˜ž AutomationEdge!!