Process studio in windows Installation Error

Hello @Arun9047

There can two possibilities -
1] AutomationEdge license has been expired or
2]The license which you’ve uploaded on AutomationEdge is invalid.

Note - Make sure the license is valid and not expired.
Once this is done, Process Studio will run successfully, by taking the valid license.


I have uploaded the license and the started the instance but while login to the process studio its showing license expired. what i have to do for process studio after the uploading the license. i need asistence.

Hi Arun,

What type of license you are using? Trail/UAT/DEV/Subscription?

Can you log in to your AE server and share the screenshot of the Home page.

i am using subscription and dev

here is my both servers. last week renewed and license uploaded successfully… but the existing process studio i can’t login. i tried to install it in another machine but same error. licence expired.

Hi Arun,

I hope you are connecting your process-studio to the Dev server and not to the Prod(Subscription) server. You can’t use process-studio with a Subscription license.

I can see 2 PS in your Dev license and both of them are consumed. If you have registered 2 process-studio with the Dev server earlier and trying to start the 3rd process-studio then it’ll throw an error. You have to de-register 1 of your process-studio first to start a new PS.

Thank you,

now my new process studio register with new user.

But i can’t de-register or login to older one its showing
"“process studio already register with the user” but used same user name and paswd

Hi Arun,

You can de-register it from the AutomationEdge server as well.

  • Login to your AE account with Tenant-admin credentials

  • Go to the Process-Studio section

  • Click on Assign License and de-assign the license for a specific user

If you are using a T3 cloud instance, then the de-registration will happen after 24 hours.

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Kindly help to resolve this error… and i need to know another one thing… while we purchase license how many agents will allocated for subscription and dev