404 error after login to automation edge

After login https404 error pops up and when I try to download process studio the files are not getting extracted. Please help as I am stuck here since yesterday. TIA

Hello @Amgm533123 ,

Can you provide more information about the error you’re facing?

I am not able to open Process Studio as it gives a pop up window stating User already registered.

Hello @Amgm533123

This error means that the User you are trying to register, is already registered with another Process Studio.
Try creating a new user and then try registering with new Process Studio.

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Licenses are assigned to user&desktop. You cannot sign in for same user at another desktop. For example, work and home computer.
You must deregister first at station where you are able to sign in at another station.
Not sure if you could sign in Process Studio under different account OS and AET. For example: login user_1 in OS and user_1 Process studio and user_2 in OS and user_2 Process Studio.
This can be done with agent licensing.
These are questions for AET.

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