How can I reset the installation of Automation Edge?


I’m new to Automation Edge and I’m having trouble with the installation. A colleague gave me the wrong directions about how to install it and it didn’t work. So I watched a youtube video with a tutorial and realized some things were indeed wrong. Now I need to restart everything, but I deleted the folder with the Process Studio files and now I can’t download it again. In the T4 page I cannot mark the chckbox and I get the message “Process Studio limit reached”.

How should I proceed?

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Hi! Cristiane

The AutomationEdge t4 instance Process Studio menu has two tabs: License and Registrations. From the Registrations tab please delete your earlier registration. The backend schedule to effect the deleted registration runs once in 24 hours. So wait for 1 day and then try to download and register a new Process Studio instance.


Thank you! I contacted the support teams and there was a problem with my license. They have solved the problem and now I am able to use Automation Edge.